Regular maintenance of large and small car stackers and their components is essential to ensuring that they operate continuously and safely. During each service, checks are done to detect problems before they arise and steps are taken to prevent emerging issues from causing unscheduled outages. Preventative maintenance will help to maximise the useful life of car stacker and their components and minimize whole-of-life operating costs.

Services are scheduled in consultation with the owners or building management and they are generally performed once a month on a weekday outside of peak usage periods.

A maintenance schedule will be recommended by Optipark based on the condition and use of the car stacker, and a report will be provided to owners after each routine maintenance. If a serious issue is identified, we will let you know and we will help you to consider your options.

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Breakdowns happen and they can happen without warning, causing disruption and inconvenience. Once they have occurred, it is key that the car stacker is brought back online as soon as possible and the cause of the breakdown is understood to minimise the risk of reoccurrence.

Optipark is able to provide a fast, reliable response to emergency calls from our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If the breakdown cannot be resolved remotely, our experienced team will come to your premises to bring the car stacker back online and investigate the reasons for the breakdown. If a serious issue is identified as the cause of the breakdown, we will let you know and we will help you to consider your options.

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Car stacker components will wear over time and as new technologies come to market it may be worthwhile to replace key parts. The benefit of upgrading key components can include increased performance, lower running costs and fewer breakdowns.

With extensive experience building and commissioning car stackers, if the Optipark team identifies an upgrade opportunity we will let you know so you can consider your options. Optipark is independent of the major car stacker manufacturers so we can provide independent advice on the options available to you.

If you elect to upgrade your car stacker, Optipark can manage the project and provide expert advice to you throughout. We will work with you to identify a time for the upgrade project that minimises disruption to users. We can coordinate tradespeople and subcontractors, source specialist car stacker parts, write software and install the systems to ensure your car stacker performs optimally once the upgrade is complete.

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Safe operation of a car stacker relies on staff and user know-how.

The Optipark team can train staff and users of car stackers to operate the stacker safely and effectively so as to reduce the frequency of breakdowns and lower running costs.

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